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What is Discord.

We have our own Dark Dragons Discord server - what's that?
Discord's own intro video

Discord is an application that can be run in:
* any ordinary browser
* the Discord application on a computer
* the Discord App on your Smart Phone or iPad

Discord is much like a Facebook group mixed with Skype or Zoom. We can maintain the dialogue through chat messages or we can do voice chats or even video.

Dark Dragons have our own server in Discord where our approved members have access. A member can be both a gaming friend or an engaged parent/adult.

Here's a simple and god video made by Common Sense Media
A bit more extensive video in Swedish

Get Started.

Learn how to get started in the Discord help sections


Secure settings in Discord

Discord has a recommended age from 13 years and it's important to help children and youth with their security. Here are some recommended settings that are about limiting who can become private friends and send private messages.

On a computer or mobile phone you can fins settings according to the images.

In the settings update the following:

- select the option Privacy & Security

- Protect me - means private messages are screened for inappropriate words

- Allow direct messages from server members

- Restrict who can connect as private friend