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Dark Dragons

We are the the world and we choose what we make of it
Everyone can become whatever they want. Gamer, artist, actor and we are Dark Dragons.

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We are 9-15 year old and we game together
As parents we also join and engage



We have gamers both on PC, consoles and mobile
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About Us

We started August 2020
Together - gaming - engagement



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We create and maintain Dark Dragons

Gaming leader


Gaming leader


Admin, coach & gaming leader

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Dragon trainers
[ parents & adults ]
Favourite games
Sessions and competitions
[ ➡ 7 juli, 2021 ]


Playstation 4/5

Mobile & iPad

Roll- & brädspel


We Play.

Overwatch »

Great FPS game that's also good for meeting and getting to know new friends.

Roblox »

There are constantly new adventures and the best fun is playing together with friends.

Fall Guys »

Fall Guys is simple yet super fun. Perfect for online gaming together.

Genshin Impact »

RPG game with incredible graphics, a great yet open story, coop gaming and cross play mobile-PC.

Star Wars
Battle Front II »

Play missions online as the rebells or imperials. Missions can be up to 40 players in two teams, or co-op up to 4 players against AI.

Among Us »

Simple, popular and cross PC/smart phone game. Perfect for gaming online when on the move.

Rocket League »

Co-op both off line and online. Drive, use the turbo charge and score. Fun alternative to all the Battle Royal titles.

D&D »

We play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition board game, supported by Roll20.

Pokémon »

Pokémon Go keeps reinventing itself, so join in and fight Gyms together with us.

Fifa 21 »

FC Fornudden is our legendary Fifa pro-club. Control only your own player in a team of friends.

Fortnite »

We play Duo, Squad, Battle Labs or Creative. It's all about having fun and improving your game.

Brawl Stars »

Great smart phone game both for individual as well as co-op gaming online.

Minecraft »

A classic that all gamers played at some point. Fantastic creativity game (both Java and Bedrock versions).

Seven Deadly Sins
Grand Cross »

RPG story game with heroes, cards and fights. Was challenged by Genshin Impact and it's both on mobile and PC.

Terraria »

Ett nytt spel som vi testar.



If you are interested to join Dark Dragons you can join our Discord Lobby and talk to us.

Dark Dragons Discord

We build our community in Discord - where we chat, talk and plan together.

Discord is a chat tool, like a Facebook group or Skype - made for Gamers.

There's no cost, you can leave any time you want and we have no expectations you have to live up to - except honouring our rules which are about being kind and respectful to each other.


Contact Us.