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DnD winter adventure together

We've had our first joint Dungeons and Dragons (DnD or D&D) adventure in Dark Dragons. It was an exciting winter adventure that start in the village of White Water. Our heroes continued to the village Pine Falls after encountering a pack of not too nice Goblins.

Jazzy was our Dungeon Master and painted our imaginary story. Our group of heroes played through a somewhat nice and calm first adventure so we could work out everything about the Discord voice chat, the dice bot and all our discussions.

Now we can tweak our characters to perfection and get them ready for our next adventure - that might be even more exciting and challenging.

Our Heroes

Panterpaws karaktär Pit

Villes karaktär Genji

Militos karaktär Saber

Noalitos karaktär Aser

Minosos karaktär Glimma

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